Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Steve Davies leaves the National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum head Steve Davies is to leave it has been announced today, with just  two and a half years in post.  A series of well flagged issues surrounding the 2012 Railfest and the restoration of Flying Scotsman are associated. A lot more needs to be said but that will be on reflection and when some substantive information from the museum is available. Meanwhile as of today two A4s are on the quayside at Halifax Canada and one must ask what will happen to them?

Press release here #1692 .

By the end of the day Museums Journal had a feature ready with some useful insight. Heritage Railway report. For an insight into what this is all about Steam Railway 405 and 406 should be obtained. There the interview David Willcock and Steve Davies may turn out to have been significant. Other stories in issue 406 would have made unpleasant reading in London.

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