Wednesday, 26 September 2012

At sea with the Atlantic Conveyor

The two Gresley A4s are loaded aboard Atlantic Conveyor and are now at sea due Liverpool 2nd October. They sailed roughly 5am our time.

Bound in the first instance for free display Shildon (via Liverpool) see .

Saturday, 22 September 2012

At Locomotion Shildon's Autumn Gala Today

Steve Davies on the NRM Locomotion PA at Shildon's gala this AM: the two Gresley A4s leave Halifax on the 25th September, that's this Tuesday, for the UK. He was being very affable, scheduled to drive SLS Orion and cleaning the gents for the benefit of myself and others. The gala was very busy, six engines in steam, traders I spoke to happy. Outside stars included the two Y7s together (again) and in steam. Beamish's restored Lewin. North Staffs 0-6-02T. Everything looked good.

A4 locos arrived in the UK from Canada on 3rd October see .


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New National Railway Museum head Paul Kirkman biography

New NRM head biography: Paul Kirkman studied Philosophy at Edinburgh University before joining HMG. In between three spells at the Treasury he was Private Secretary to the Director General of the Confederation of British Industry, studied for an MA in Art History at Goldsmiths College and was Head of Policy & Planning at the Natural History Museum. Paul joined the Department for Culture Media and Sport in September 2005 as Head of Museums & Libraries. He was a Clore Fellow in 2009 and led the DCMS’s work on the 2010 Spending Review. He is now Head of Arts and Creative Industries at DCMS.

Paul’s secondment will be for a period of one year. DCMS staff regularly undertake relevant secondments as the department believes secondments play an important role in enabling individuals and the host organization to benefit from new skills, knowledge and capabilities. (from NRM press release).

Steve Davies leaves the National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum head Steve Davies is to leave it has been announced today, with just  two and a half years in post.  A series of well flagged issues surrounding the 2012 Railfest and the restoration of Flying Scotsman are associated. A lot more needs to be said but that will be on reflection and when some substantive information from the museum is available. Meanwhile as of today two A4s are on the quayside at Halifax Canada and one must ask what will happen to them?

Press release here #1692 .

By the end of the day Museums Journal had a feature ready with some useful insight. Heritage Railway report. For an insight into what this is all about Steam Railway 405 and 406 should be obtained. There the interview David Willcock and Steve Davies may turn out to have been significant. Other stories in issue 406 would have made unpleasant reading in London.