Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dominion of Canada is being repainted at Shildon

. Freshly bought today and signed by its author at Shildon. I have been on an Anthony Coulls led Dominion of Canada tour. Howling storm outside, lovely warm well lit workshop inside. Impressive to be up close seeing the work being done. Up close it is a majestic engine as is the Duchess of Hamilton arrived yesterday. NEWS: they are finding old paint through the assorted liveries of apple green, garter blue, wartime back, garter blue, BR blue and BR green including very obviously the last as applied at Darlington in 1967. Also it appears that DoC although looking tired offers less headaches than the work to do on Dwight D Eisenhower. Photos: I had my 35mm SLR print ASA 400, the camera phone both with me and the freshly charged Finepix digi left on the table at home. Something could appear in due course.
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