Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gresley LNER A4s may come back from the Americas

This press release is on the York press release site. Hitherto I had decided not to comment on this particular thread but since there is now a press release I share it with my readers:

Statement from National Railway Museum Director

12 Aug 2011

In response to recent speculation about the repatriation of two A4 class locomotives from the USA and Canada, Steve Davies, Director of the National Railway Museum, has released the following statement.

"It has come to my attention that some news of a proposal to repatriate two A4 Class locomotives from the USA and Canada has reached elements of the railway press from a non-official source. Although I am disappointed that the National Railway Museum has not been able fully to control the release of this news, I am nevertheless keen to minimise inaccurate speculation."

"It is true that the NRM has been in negotiations for the last six months with the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum in Montreal, with a view to repatriating Dwight D Eisenhower and Dominion of Canada respectively, as part of the celebrations to commemorate the 75th anniversary in 2013 of Mallard’s record-breaking run. The visit of a specialist team is in progress and a mutual decision will be taken, in conjunction with our trans-Atlantic colleagues, if the loans are considered a practical proposition."

"At this stage, absolutely nothing has been agreed. Fundraising to make this happen will be a principal challenge."

"I cannot emphasise strongly enough that this is a loan proposal and will emphatically not result in the permanent repatriation of either or both of these locomotives. This has been explicit in our negotiations from the outset and I am most grateful that our colleagues in the United States and Canada have so far shared this exciting vision with us."

"In the meantime, I would appreciate the minimising of speculation if that is at all possible."

Steve Davies
Director, National Railway Museum

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