Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Flying Scotsman

I find finding news about 4472 Flying Scotsman's repairs at Ian Riley's Bury workshop a bit challenging. And since it is pretty disappointing I have tended not to highlight it in the blog. However I read this "Unfortunately, more cracks had been discovered in the main frame stretcher, which requires the boiler to be lifted out of the frames. This latest setback means that Flying Scotsman won't be back in steam until April 2012. Also, the National Railway Museum has banned photography of Flying Scotsman as a result of these setbacks." Comments?
The actual Wiki entry made no mention of the subject at all as I wrote.

Later today Wednesday I find this:
in the Iconic Aircraft Aviation Forum dated Monday September 19th by 34053 "just when you thought that it could not get any worse:

Latest News is that Scotsman's Boiler is to be lifted off the Frames! The main 'Frame Stretcher' (the horizontal steel sections that hold the two sides of the Frames apart) has got to be replaced, due to serious cracks (!) having been detected. These stretchers weigh about half a ton and it was considered 'easier and more economical' to replace it, rather than trying to carry out a repair job. The saga continues!"

After a media call at Bury on the 30th September more news is available. An example of the reportage giving a good overview comes from Railway Magazine.

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