Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Post Office Railway

I admin various web locations looking at individual themes relevant to The Forsythe Collection (a large part of which is at York). One is called Railway Philately on Facebook. A new upload shared the picture below and said "Mail by rail, should - famously - include the Royal Mail's own electric tube railway under London. Now mothballed. One of the 1927 units is on display in National Railway Museum York. Here it is on 26th February 2013. Two electric power units sandwich a low slung carrier with containers for the mail (white item). See".  Explore further at .


  1. The Post Office Railway was featured in the 1963 British Transport FIlm "Thirty Million Letters"…

  2. I thought that was what it was! Why did they pull it?

  3. Many answers in here (the account is not something I would feel up to doing and by the way UP proved to be the critical word).