Monday, 4 February 2013

Repatriation stops where?

The Railway Magazine March 2013 p49 a letter from John Cousins which I reproduce by typing it all in in full "Canada was obviously incapable of maintaining A4 60010 in an acceptable condition for which they should be ashamed, and, as a result, relinquish custody to the UK". A head of steam is being built up of which this is an example to campaign for one or both of these A4s to stay in Britain.

My take is that this approach is shameful on our nation and it disappoints me that a magazine as august as this would even print the letter, presumably it reflects their postbag.

Anyone who takes time to think this through will realise the North American institutions did as well by these two as many of our own operations including the National Railway Museum have done. An international deal was negotiated by the National Railway Museum on our behalf. You can argue about the merits over whether this was money well spent but there are no grounds whatsoever (within the boundaries of good taste and diplomacy) to undo the deal. We restore cosmetically the locos, we enjoy them this year, they go home in 2014. Four other A4s are in the country to enjoy anyway. Now find something more important to talk about or fund raise for in railway heritage. There is no shortage of choice.

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(BTW an interesting exercise would review all the Deltics (their lineal successors) in preservation in Britain and comment on their varying states).

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