Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Trans-Atlantic A4s do go back. Period.

I have posted this at this group

"I will have to leave this group on several counts. The engines have been repatriated for an agreed loan term by the National Railway Museum. The owning institutions DO WANT them back and in the state specified in the loan agreement. It would be the utmost bad form and reflect badly on the enthusiasts involved and on our nation to backtrack on this. Accept what has been arranged graciously, enjoy them while they are here and wave goodbye to them knowing they will not be back for a long time. You have four others to enjoy. That is quite enough. You could build another one if you want to challenge the world speed record. But I will urge everyone that campaigning to retain one or both of the North American's A4s reflects very badly on our international standing."

And I shall add here in as many ways as possible, there is no other way to put it. The NRM is in the process of arranging inward loans as well. At many levels beyond those of the railway museum, Britiain relies on maintaining international credibility. Suggesting these engines stay here wholly undermines this, particularly if any head of steam was built up on the matter.

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