Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Forsythe Collection features in first National Railway Museum App development

Tim Procter from the National Railway Museum has been updating me about their recent use of the Forsythe Collection. "Hiroki Shin has pretty much finished his research, it's lodged with the Institute of Railway Studies at the moment but we will get copies.  It has led to an app project which we're working on with East Coast, and the collection has been extensively used by the researchers on the Station Stories project
- .  And as Fiona noted at her last visit items were used in the exhibition celebrating some of the star vehicles from Railfest, and items are also in the current exhibition around Modern Railways Magazine's 50th Anniversary awards.  I'll let you know what comes out of the final parts of the project". As the museum's Facebook stream put it today "We've launched our first mobile app! Download it now for free on iphone:" . Now all I need is an Iphone, we have an HTC android......

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