Monday, 18 July 2011

Where will Mallard be this summer?

I tend to find myself asking as many questions as offering answers.

A URL I chanced by in connection with the Top Gear post set my brain off.

Here the NRM announced that Mallard would be in Germany July to October.

Here the story is that Mallard moves tomorrow Tuesday 19th July 2011 back to York. And then "Mallard will be placed on the turntable from 22 July until 1st August. After this it will take its place back in the main hall, up until 4 September 2011".

So two reasons to blog now. Mallard is back on the main line tomorrow. But what happens then? Is Mallard going to Germany or is she on display in York for the summer?

A little bit further on in time. The answer is definitely York. What happened to Germany and why the announcement about that is still live on the NRM site today is an open question.

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  1. According to a friend of mine who was thinking about going to see Mallard in Nürnberg in the Autumn, the exhibition details dropped off the DB Museum website a few weeks ago. I've just done a search there and come up with nothing. However, the July edition of 'Eisenbahn Kurier' was still highighting the visit; even given the lead time for magazine publishing, the decision to stop the visit must have been taken fairly recently; so recently that EK didn't have time to pull the news item. I'll have a word with my colleagues in the GRS. The truth will out eventually...