Friday, 26 November 2010

Today Fiona is in the NRM

Just about now and Fiona should be arriving at York. There is a CILIP event taking place at the NRM and Fiona is attending. Wearing two hats. She is a Chartered CILIP member and also sits on their Chartership Board. The opportunity is being taken to do some networking and show folk elements of the Forsythe Collection. CILIP translates when expanded into what was The Library Association. That is the professional body of library and information professionals.

A little bit further ahead and I have been asked to do a 20 minute introduction to the Forsythe Collection on 1st February 2011 here . And whilst wrapping up with our news we now have a new front portal to our webpresence. My old site continues but you are invited to start at . And because Facebook's coverage of our local bus operator Go North East is the best way to catch up on what actually happens with their buses, Fiona did her sales pitch as she was already there and got me aboard yesterday. We are here!/profile.php?id=100001912940850&v=info so come and make friends.

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