Thursday, 15 October 2009

A potential candidate

It's amazing what can come to mind when sitting in the hairdresser's chair. Regular readers of the blog are perhaps not surprised to find I was thinking who might be the next director of the National Railway Museum. At once for all those who love Britain's railways, a most important job and, as you might be able to deduce from the blog, a task with some challenges ahead of it. Who might be willing to take up the chalice?

I don't feel well qualified to name names, certainly not in the plural. And I have absolutely no knowledge. But sitting in that hairdresser's chair, a name did come to mind. Back in front of the computer a quick bit of net searching found a public profile and for those interested in a little bit of speculation, perusing that profile may make it clearer as to why, if she put her name forward, I think she would be in with a chance.

The link is . It looks as if she is back in Britain and possibly available. As I re-iterate, I am privy to no more knowledge than any other likely reader of the blog. If I had to bet on it I would reckon, she would be in with a 10% chance of pulling it off. That's quite a good chance. But this is no personal endorsement just a reading of the runes about a very well qualified museum professional who may well be seeking the next career move. Do I know the lady? Our paths have crossed once or twice but not since 1991. IF it did come to pass, you could say that you read it here first. When an announcement is made - and I learn about it - I hope to say something.

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