Sunday, 27 September 2009

A sudden move onwards and upwards

For several months it has been public that museum director Andrew Scott would retire and be replaced this autumn. Matters took an unexpected turn last Tuesday. Andrew's boss, the head of the NMSI (National Museums of Science and Industry) was removed from post for contractual irregularities. This is all public now. is one of several sources. Another is . Molly Jackson had only been in this post at the NMSI for a matter of months. Pro tem the NRM director has a new job as director of NMSI. One perspective will be quite relieved that the NMSI structure allows the rapid re-deployment of senior staff when these situations arise. Another will quietly despair that the NRM's lack of independance means that in a year when it has already seen considerable turnover in its senior staff, it will now continue to experience "discontinuity" at the top. An eye to be kept open: who becomes the new NMSI director? It is unlikely to be Andrew who has stated he is heading for retirement at 60 publicly. Who is appointed as acting NRM director? And who is recruited to the post full time?

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