Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Hayward Collection

In this blog on the 23rd April we wrote "Yet another fascinating file recorded a long running correspondence of John Scholes. This was in Clapham Correspondence Files File 15 Railway Museum Correspondence Box 43. In it over many years (1953-67) was a discussion about the Hayward Papers and Collection. This was clearly a major collection of interest to students of publicity ephemera and timetables. There was mention of 18,000 items. I ran out of time and was unable to ascertain whether this material had eventually made it to the museum for safekeeping. Something more to investigate." During our discussions on the 16th June for the Forsythe Collection photocall Tim Procter (the museum archivist) was able to say some of this material which in the 1960s it had appeared was intended to come to the British Transport Commission collections did indeed do so. He had come across items in the NRM collection stamped Hayward collection. This is a positive lead and as someone who knows what it is to create one's own collection there is an interest in learning more about Mr Hayward and offering him some little memorial to his similar endeavours to ours but many decades previously. Hopefully I shall be able to return to "File 15 Box 43" and note it more intensely. But out in the wider world there must be someone able to say more about Mr Hayward? If you know anything, please make a comment.

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