Monday, 27 April 2009

Weardale Coach: Faverdale, 3 pictures and a horn

To keep focussed on where next with the Weardale Coach, these are the next steps:
which is the NRM library entry for the Faverdale exhibition. This volume needs examination at the NRM or elsewhere to see if the Weardale coach is in. If it is there, largely the tale about how it got to York is answered.

It is clear that three sets of artefacts got to the old York Railway Museum. The coach which it appears was destroyed 1952-56 though that is to be confirmed. Three pictures: In the York museum minutes of 26th February 1925, Mr Wrightson an inspector at Middlesbrough donated three pictures of the Weardale coach to the museum. And a horn: In the 1950 British Transport Commission Initial Catalogue in addition to the "standard entry" for the Weardale coach, the next entry says Horn inscribed "Presented to James Wilkinson Mail Coach Driver Weardale".

So my next question for the NRM is are the photographs and the horn traceable? And if so my target is to manage to show a picture of the horn and one of the coach in this blog. At which point I will feel we have done some justice to making a little memorial to the Weardale coach.

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